Loop Monster's online game

Utilizing Loopring's L2 technology to verify ownership of in game assets. Connect using WalletConnect (Loopring) and play on your web browser now!

About Us
You own your own in game assets

Loop Monster's Online

Loop Monsters are REAL digital pets which live on the blockchain. They evolve depending on how they are raised, and you can interact with them via the Loopmon Portal.

All of the assets are stored on the Loopring chain and IPFS. Low transaction fees on L2 allow you to have a lot of interactions with your dynamic tokens. There are a limited number of Loopmon, but that doesn't limit who is able to play.


Collectable Monsters and Items

All collectable monsters and items are dynamic and interactable.


MMORPG style community driven economy, Quest with friends or solo and be a part of world events.


Your assets are stored on Looprings' secure L2 wallet, which means YOU own it!

More to come

There are many monsters and items to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is Loopmon?

Loopmon is short for Loop Monsters; Monsters which live on the Loopring L2 Chain.

All Loopmon collectible monsters and items are dynamic and interactable on Loopmon portal,

There can only ever be a set amount of each Loopmon released into the world.

02. What is Loopring?

"Loopring is a software running on Ethereum that aims to incentivize a global network of users to operate a platform that enables the creation of new types of crypto asset exchanges."

03. Does it cost money to play?

Loopmon is free to explore even if you do not own any items in the Loopmon world. There are no pay to win mircro transactions in Loopmon which could give a player a statisical boost. On release it will be FULLY free to play.

04.How do I get assets?

Loop Monsters can be purchased on Loopexchange.art

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